Coaching Requirements

Step 1: Once coaches have been offered a position at SCS, they must complete these initial items before moving on to step 2:

1-  Livescan & Background Check 

2- TB-Risk Assessment

3- Declaration of Moral Integrity

4- Lifestyle Statement 

Step 2: Once Step 1 is complete and the candidate has passed all clearance items, the coach will meet with HR to complete further paperwork for employment. HR will contact the coach to set up this meeting.

Step 3: Once step 2 is complete, each coach will need to provide certificates and proof of the following:

  1. Fundamentals of Coaching
  2. Concussion
  3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  4. First Aid & CPR
  5. COVID 19 Certification
  6. Coaches Handbook and Code of Ethics- Coach’s Handbook 2020-21

Coaches may not have contact with their team(s) until cleared by the Athletic Director. This includes completing steps 1-3.